The Benefits of High School Tutoring:

College Application Essay Writing Tutoring in Portland

A writing & reading tutor

David Wolf will be your private tutor, helping you form essential questions, execute research, and present your ideas in writing, graphics, and digital media. The habits of inquiry and critical reading you’ll develop working with David as your reading and writing tutor will structure your learning in college and life after.

An experienced high school tutor in Portland, David taught in a high school classroom for a long time, so he knows a few things about your life—the long days, the courses you juggle, the constant deadlines. It can sometimes feel like you’re jumping through hoops. As your private English tutor, David will help you meet your deadlines but also work to stir in you that passion for knowledge that is intrinsic to being human and engaged with the world.

An English tutor with a holistic approach

You have your own way of learning, which is bound up in the nature of who you are.  As private tutors in Portland, we offer a holistic approach where you will learn robust skills like research and argument but also come to understand how you learn best and what subjects you’re most passionate about. Our private tutors will help you reach your potential.

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High School Tutoring in Portland
High School Tutoring in Portland

High school tutoring in Portland

We offer experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Argument Papers and Rhetoric
  • Research Papers
  • Literary Analysis and Criticism
  • Honors English and American Literature
  • AP(*link) Courses in English & Composition, U.S. History, U.S. Government, European History, World History, Psychology, and Art History
  • IB curriculum *link) coursework
  • College Credit Courses with PCC, PSU, and Lewis & Clark
  • SAT and ACT Prep
  • Women’s Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Journalism

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