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One great challenge for many high school seniors applying to college is writing their application essays. The Common App essay is a particularly high-stakes writing requirement that can feel daunting if applicants lack the proper structure and support. There is a myth of writing as a solitary activity requiring monastic isolation and inner struggle. That is at best only half true. Tutor Visions designs workshops that make writing a social, supported, frequently collaborative process. We understand that writing good essays takes more than one sitting or even one day, that writing is an extended process involving various stages and acts. Our workshops in Portland stage this writing process, providing you the structure and guidance to produce authentic essays in your own voice.
Writing Workshops in Portland
Writing Workshops in Portland

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Weeklong online application essay writing workshops take place June 26-30 and July 25-29.

Join David Wolf, Ph.D. for an exciting online workshop that will help you craft a winning college application essay! This workshop is designed to help you convey your personal values and meaningful experiences in a way that will make you stand out to admissions officers. We’ll cover everything from brainstorming and outlining to drafting and revising your essay. Dr. Wolf will provide personalized feedback and guidance to help you create an essay that reflects your best self. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a head start on your college applications!

Writing tutors providing workshop guidance

Students’ writing is nurtured in a supportive workshop environment providing empathic and strategic guidance.

Students go through a one-week process in which they write multiple drafts to arrive at a finished form.

They do “flow writing” to generate ideas and details while suspending the impulse to edit prematurely for correctness.

They honor their voice, trusting the words that come from them.

They share their drafts in low-stakes meetings with peers and one-on-one conferences with the instructor who reads all their work with scrupulous care.

They use these collaborative processes to unlock and activate untapped expressive potential.

They study narrative techniques they can use in crafting their essays as stories.

They adopt intentional strategies in undertaking thorough revision of their drafts.

They edit for structure, clarity, and usage to take their writing to a finished form.

They complete the workshop having written an essay that tells college admissions officers something vital about themselves.

Writing Workshops in Portland

Lead writing tutor

As the workshop leader, David Wolf has twenty-five years of teaching and writing tutoring experience, including eleven years at a distinguished New Jersey preparatory school where he tutored hundreds of students writing their Common App essay. David has also taught for many years at universities, including at Portland State University’s Honors College where as an Instructor he taught successful workshops for seniors writing their honors theses. Read more about David’s teaching background and philosophy.
David spent a great deal of time with both of my kids helping them with ideas for their college essay and with the fine tuning. He's an excellent resource. The applicants still do their own work (which I find important) and David steps in with great guidance promoting self-thinking and bringing out great ideas that the applicants might have a hard time putting in writing otherwise.
Susanne Pries, Parent